Welcome to Panther Creek Golf Club:   

Panther Passport Loyalty Program 

"The More You Play, the Less You Pay"

Panther Creek Patrons are reaping the benefits of our Panther Passport Loyalty Program.  When a patron plays golf for the first time, they are automatically given a patron number and their points start accumulating.

Here's how the program works:

For each dollar a patron pays for a round of golf at Panther Creek, they will earn one loyalty point.  Each player will start out at the "Regular Patron" category.  The following is a breakdown of points earned, which status is achieved and what their rewards will be.

Category          Points Earned       Weekday Rewards      Weekend Rewards

Regular                    0 - 200             Regular Rate $36.00       Regular Rate $46.00

Silver                   201 - 400               6% off Reg. Rate            6% off Reg. Rate

Gold                     401 - 800              11% off Reg. Rate          11% off Reg. Rate

Platinum               801 - Over            20% off Reg. Rate          20% off Reg. Rate

Once a patron has achieved a new "category", they must play at least once during a 180 day period to maintain their status.  If they have not played in 180 days, the patron returns to "regular" and starts the process over. 


Points may not be transferred and rewards are only for the patron in that category, and not their guests.

Panther Passport Patrons at the Platinum level will receive one free round of golf to use during their birthday month.